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2019 AGM

posted 8 Aug 2019, 12:46 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport

We are pleased to announce our 2019 - 20 Committee:

President - Alex Brown
Vice President - Eline Aks
Secretary - Emily Fielder
Treasurer - Archie Bourne
Men's Captain - Edward Sheasby
Ladies Captain - Twig Barber
Events officer - Ella Handy
Sponsorship Officer - Serena Dwerryhouse
Social Secretary - Harrison Dockerty & James Ellis 
Alumni officer - Willa Robertson 

2018 AGM

posted 7 Apr 2018, 01:43 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 24 Apr 2018, 12:59 ]

We are pleased to announce our new committee members:

President – Cogan Wade
Vice President – Karen Thomson
Secretary – Naomi Metcalfe (nlm5)
Treasurer – Samuel van Nieuwkerk
Men’s Captain – Edward Sheasby
Ladies Captain – Charlotte Barber
Social Secretary – Sahil Ali
Alumni Officer – Christopher Foo
Sponsorship & Health and Safety Officer – Ruraidh Stewart (rcs23)

2017 AGM

posted 3 Apr 2017, 11:13 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 3 Apr 2017, 11:13 ]

After this evening's AGM we are pleased to announce our new committee members: 
President – Samuel van Nieuwkerk 
Vice President – Ellie White 
Secretary – Cameron Leslie 
Treasurer – Cogan Wade 
Men’s Captain – Can Cetinyilmaz 
Ladies Captain – Karen Thomson 
Social Secretary – Naadir Singh 
Alumni Officer – Allison Graul
Sponsorship & Health and Safety Officer – Jack Obertelli 

Congratulations to all! 

New Committee 2016/17

posted 8 Mar 2016, 13:12 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport

We are pleased to announce our new committee members:

President – James Wogan (jbw20@)

Vice President – Kiana Hainsworth (kh72@)

Secretary – Ellie White (elw8@)

Treasurer – Samuel van Nieuwkerk (swvn@)

Men’s captain – Antoine Porte (ap235@)

Ladies captain – Karen Thomson (kemt@)

Social secretary – Can Cetinyilmaz (cmc24@)

Alumni and publicity Officer – Madison Burki (mb276@)

Health and Safety Officer – Barney Bruce-Smythe (bebs@)

(all emails

New Committee for 2014-2015

posted 27 Mar 2014, 04:54 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport

St Andrews Clay Pigeon Club are pleased to announce our new committee after our AGM:

PRESIDENT: Peter Clark
SECRETARY: Emma Morrison
MEN'S CAPTAIN: Frazer Watt

SPONSORSHIP REPRESENTATIVES: Zara Thacker and Kiana Hainsworth
SOCIAL SECRETARIES: Caitie Bugler, Alan Blackwood and Ewan Lawson

University Blues and Half-Blues

posted 21 Jun 2012, 09:08 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 21 Jun 2012, 09:08 ]

The following club members have won Blues or Half-Blues - congratulations!

Blues - 
Richard Wall, Tom Chinnery, Alyson Murdoch, Lukas Hamilton-Eddy, Frazer Watt
Half-blues - 
Michael Plant, Craig McNeill, Chris Price

Committee 2012/13

posted 21 Jun 2012, 08:50 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport

We are very happy to announce the new Clay Club committee for next year! 

President - Alyson Murdoch
Vice President - Urosh Teodorovich
Men's Captain - Chris Price
Ladies' Captain - Dani Smith
Treasurer - Dan Green
Secretary - Evie Boothman
Safety Officer - Fraazer Watt
Social Reps - Rosie Morton, Peter Clark & Charlie Bell

Next Few Weeks

posted 4 Oct 2011, 05:50 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport

Dear St Andrews Shooting Community,


Firstly for those of you who have not added me to you contacts please do so...


Email :

Facebook :

Twitter : StsClayPigeon

Website :


The format for shooting this week will be more intermediate to advanced shots, by this I mean that you can load and shoot the gun yourself! We will always be leaving from the UNION, not the gateway as we have before.

If you are happy to drive people we would greatly appreciate it as this is how the club generally operates due to the high cost of renting a mini bus each time. (If you can drive tomorrow please text me on 07906231964 (Tom Chinnery))

I also require that if you are coming shooting please make sure you bring £2 as a petrol contribution to your driver. This is non negotiable and require it before you get into the car - so bring change!


(Members Only)

Wednesday 5th October Union 1pm: This will be an informal practice session where we will be firing 25-50 shots (19 Spaces first come first served)

Saturday 8th October Union 12pm: This will be an informal scored competition (spaces TBA)


(Open to All)

Wednesday 12th October 1pm : This will be another "give it a go" style shoot where we will have full instruction for people to decide if they want to join the club this is priced at £15. This is also open to the people who missed out for various reasons in our other shoots. This includes transport to and from the shooting ground. You will be able to sign up to this very soon, watch this space. Also an opportunity to buy membership.

Saturday 15th October : No Shooting.



Wednesday 19th October :Now the event you have all been waiting for the first clay club social/dinner. I am aiming for the rough cost of being £20 per head and will require this at a later date before the dinner to secure your spot. So put the date in your diary for now!


Join the event on facebook for updates!/event.php?eid=269463293084118



This is going to be a very exciting year, from speaking to the instructors, everyone that has been shooting has shown talent. Which is hugely positive. I would like to aim to have maybe 4 boys teams and 4 girls teams, which would be huge!


When the suns out get your guns out!

Kind Regards

Tom Chinnery

Hull Challenge Success

posted 11 May 2011, 03:52 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 12 May 2011, 10:00 ]

Last Saturday saw the St Andrews ladies dominate once again, with Katie Ridley claiming the ladies' High Gun (22/50).  Katie, a fourth year student who only started shooting this year, has shown that she has great potential and we hope that she will return to shoot on the graduate team in the future.

St Andrews ladies finished 2nd, narrowly losing out to Hull by 8 clays.  Considering that St Andrews were once again fielding a half-strength team of 2 compared to Hull's 4, this is a great achievement.  (The St Andrews ladies had an average total score of 30.5, compared to Hull's 17.25!)

The men's team finished 3rd and the alumni team finished 2nd, with past president Aiden Coates shooting well to finish 2nd= in the individual competition.

The post-shoot dinner was held in the restaurant at The Deep, before moving on to Hull's famed nightclub 'Asylum.'  The new St Andrews social secretary wasted no time in adopting his role, and was unconscious before the starters had arrived at the table.

Many thanks to Hull for hosting another great weekend, and congratulations to all the successful shots.

Annie Foot, Andrew Pike and Thomas Chinnery with
home-made champagne cooler (plant pot and frozen
peas!) at the Hull Challenge 2011

Blues & Colours

posted 5 May 2011, 04:37 by Clay Pigeon Club - Saints Sport   [ updated 12 May 2011, 10:01 ]

Congratulations to all those who received awards this year:

Andrew Pike (Full Blue)
Alyson Murdoch (Half Blue)
Thomas Chinnery (Half Blue)
David Cannaday (Half Blue)

Andrew Pike receives his Full Blue from Andy Dick at the Blues and
Colours Ball 2011

Image by Ben Goulter (

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